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Professional Water Damage Repair Services

Concept Restoration of Scottsdale, AZ offers a variety of restoration services including water damage removal, cleanup, and repair. Any kind of water supply could be the cause of damage in Scottsdale. Many cases that involve water damage cleanup are those due to inside water supply lines, along with some other sources.

​​We strive to provide complete water restoration in the Scottsdale AZ area to properties that were affected by flooding due to damaged plumbing fixtures, burst pipes, roof leaking, monsoons, or some other cause. We won’t ignore any part of the task and also provide a 5-year guarantee on every part of our work. That means you don’t need to worry about any future problems or health consequences down the road. Our certified specialists have many years of knowledge, experience, background checks, and are in uniform. We also deal with insurance providers so you don’t have to.

Specializing in Scottsdale Water Removal

Water Damage Repair Scottsdale AZ

Whenever a plumbing fixture fails or when an accident occurs such as having toilet overflow and leaks, broken or leaky pipes, sink overflow, bathtub overflow, dishwasher, refrigerator, water heater, or washing machine overflow, air conditioner leaks, crawl space, or a sump pump disaster, water is able to spread rapidly producing a perfect setting for potential mold. A problem with your sewer system can cause significant problems. Sources could range from toilet backflows that originate beyond the toilet trap to all forms of flooding from rivers and streams. Whenever a sewage backflow occurs, the health of workers and occupants should be the primary concern. Never attempt any cleaning of sewage damage. Leave it to the professionals.

Our team of water damage repair experts have years of experience with various sewage cleanup and sewage damage problems. No matter if you have a small amount of leaky or broken pipes, or worse – had a devastating large-loss from sudden storm damage, call Concept Restoration and our team of certified technicians will arrive at your door within 60 minutes ready for removal and cleaning. We provide the best sewage backup cleanup and repair services for our customers. We can handle your emergency water removal 24 hours a day.

Our Water Damage Cleanup Technicians and Certifications

Water Damage Scottsdale AZWhen it comes to repairs and structural drying, Concept Restoration is EPA Lead-Safe and IICRC certified and strives to be vastly superior. Our phones are manned by Scottsdale pros ready to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use state-of-the-art drying equipment to speed up the drying process. Using said equipment, our restoration specialists will also be able to reduce damages and the chances of mold and bacteria growth. Our equipment is not only the newest and most effective out there but it is also sanitized after each damage loss we perform. Our Scottsdale 200 HT dehumidifiers get a cleaning and will have new pre-filters installed after each loss.

Like we always say, some people do restoration for a living, but we live restoration. As a water damage restoration company that serves you, we will be with you through every part of the process including the water extraction, water restoration, and all other water removal services that your crisis requires. We use all available water mitigation services to give you the best property restoration.  Our cleaning services include water, fire and smoke damage, and mold. Call us today if your home has suffered from a disaster.

Advanced Water Cleanup Equipment

Our water removal pros use state-of-the-art equipment to help with all restoration services. While many of these types of tools can be found in a hardware store, many are of an industrial level to ensure complete removal and drying of any disaster situation.

We use wet vacs and flood pumpers to remove surface water. Resembling a regular vacuum cleaner, a wet vac helps to remove wet components while the flood pumper can remove larger amounts of standing water.

The most critical tool we use when performing water removal services are dehumidifiers and air blowers. The dehumidifiers ensure that the humidity is low so as to prevent mold and mildew from growing and the air blowers circulate air into the area to allow quicker drying.

A lesser-known piece of equipment we use is air scrubbers. Air scrubbers are very helpful in removing contaminants in the air. These pieces of equipment help provide sophisticated and effective drying of the damaged area and prevent the growth of bacteria and allergens. Negative air pressure from this restoration equipment can control the growth of harmful microorganisms and make sure that the whole room is clean and dry.

water damage cleanup Scottsdale AZ

The Types of Water Damage

One of the first things that our drying pros need to determine is what kind of water caused the damage. There are three categories of water, rated based on their contamination level.

Category One: Clean, sanitary water, also known as clear water. Clean water is commonly found in supply lines, such as those leading to a faucet, or in bottled drinking water. While this water has little or no contamination in itself and is easy cleaning, it can quickly turn into a higher category if it comes into contact with outside contaminants.

Category Two: Known as grey water. This is water that is mostly clean but does contain some contaminants. This kind of water is found in washing machines, dishwasher overflow, as well as toilets and bathtubs. This type of water could cause illness or discomfort if ingested, and can degrade into category three if it comes into contact with further contaminants.

Category Three: Known as black water. This type of water is grossly unsanitary, containing a high level of contamination. It can cause severe illness or even death if ingested. Sources of this kind of water include sewage, flooding from rivers, and standing water that supports mold growth. If left untreated, all water will eventually reach this level of contamination as it comes into contact with bacteria and other microbes.

Frequently Asked Water Damage Questions?

What causes water damage?

The most common cause usually comes from within the home. This can be a malfunctioning dishwasher, washing machine, or water heater. Broken pipes and worn-out roofs also can cause damage within the home. The harsher types of damage come from severe forces of nature, such as flash floods or thunderstorms. Even water from fire extinguishers can result in large damage.

What areas of my property should I watch regularly for damage?

Water damage can take place in any area of your home, but there tend to be focal areas that are more susceptible, such as bathrooms and kitchens where there is a large amount of plumbing. Pipelines in your crawlspace are also susceptible to bursting.

What actions do I take when I first notice the damage?

Immediately following a water incident, call your insurance providers to inform them of the damage. Then give Concept Restoration a call so we can come out and handle any immediate water removal and cleaning that’s required. If your home is severely damaged, determine whether it is structurally safe to enter. If it is not or you are unsure, immediately make arrangements to stay elsewhere.

How can I prepare for expected water intrusion from a storm?

The most important action you should take to prepare for a potential water incident is to know how to cut off the power in your home. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination. Should you suffer from water intrusion, only attempt to shut off the power if the location is in a dry area. Never attempt to shut off the power while standing in the water.

How does the water removal process work?

Our damage restoration services are a group of processes. Several steps are taken to remove water from your property in the event of flooding or other water-related disasters. First, we remove the water from the property. Once the water is removed, High powered fans and dehumidifiers are placed to dry the wet areas. Finally, the air will be tested to ensure that all water and moisture is gone from the property and won’t cause any further problems.

How can I help speed up the water damage repair of my home after a storm?

Documenting your home’s damage and relaying that information to us can make for a speedier repair. Inspect the exterior of your home for damage. Check out your roofing structure and document any shingles missing or in need of repair. Check your home’s siding for warped or loose boards. Note signs of water intrusion through your home’s windows and doors and don’t forget to check the access points crawlspace.

What should I do to protect my valuables?

If your home has been severely damaged, move any valuables to a storage facility or to a trusted friend or family’s home. If your home is safe from further water intrusion, move any valuables to another room that is unaffected by the water damage.

Does home maintenance really make a difference in preventing water damage?

Even the best-built property cannot be 100% protected from water. However, planning and a well-maintained home or property go a long way to protect you from potential water incidents. Routine maintenance and seasonal inspections of roofing and siding, as well as other vulnerable areas, can pinpoint potential problems before they can allow for water infiltration and damage.

When You Need Water Removal in Scottsdale

We are an emergency water damage company in Scottsdale that provides service to victims throughout Scottsdale and the surrounding areas. If you have hardwood floor damage or flooding of any kind, our pros handle the water removal quickly and efficiently. Our restoration specialists are here to put your mind at ease with our true and tested water damage services.

We provide water cleanup services throughout Scottsdale AZ, including 85008, 85018, 85054, 85250, 85251, 85253, 85254, 85255, 85257, 85258, 85259, 85260, 85262, 85266, 85268, 85281, 85331.