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Water Damage Basics: Class Versus Category

Experts agree that water damage cleanup by professionals who specialize in water damage remediation not only restore valuable property, but also save householders money. The longer that water is allowed to sit in a home or business, the harder it is to repair the damage. The key to the water cleanup process is to call […]

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Supply Line and Hose Failure: Common and Devastating Water Damage Causes

We at Concept Restoration need you to know that simple and commonplace components can cause so much damage. Anywhere there’s a sink or toilet, your Phoenix home is vulnerable. To make matters worse, the parts that bring clean water into your home have a very high failure rate in comparison to other plumbing components. Twenty-five […]

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The Do’s And Don’ts When Facing Water Damage

Water is great! It’s fun and essential to every day of normal human life. But, it can also be dangerous. As human beings, it is natural to be slightly apprehensive about water. Because you can’t breathe it in and it has the potential to block you from air (which you have a constant need for). […]

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Let in the light, keep out the water

Your dream house in Phoenix probably includes lots of natural light: picture windows, French doors, sliding glass doors, transoms, sidelights and more ways to bring the great outdoors inside. However, we at Concept Restoration know that both the glass panes and the vinyl/wood frames are prone to cracking, shrinking, warping and leaking.  Skylights Added natural […]

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Water Damage Restoration: Maricopa County

Who To Call When There is Home Water Emergency? If you have a spring storm, a faulty appliance or a broken water line– when your home has inches of water in it– you need help now! But should you call a handy friend, a plumber, an appliance repair guy, or the helpdesk at a huge […]

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