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Supply Line and Hose Failure: Common and Devastating Water Damage Causes

We at Concept Restoration need you to know that simple and commonplace components can cause so much damage. Anywhere there’s a sink or toilet, your Phoenix home is vulnerable. To make matters worse, the parts that bring clean water into your home have a very high failure rate in comparison to other plumbing components.

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Twenty-five years ago, flexible supply lines were made of an inner tube made of PVC, surrounded by a woven mesh and an outer polymer cover for added protection. Early designs also utilized metal coupling nuts. These supply lines were heavy duty, and failures were extremely uncommon. With the advent of cheaper, easier to produce materials, most manufacturers switched to a braided stainless steel sheath over a flexible supply line hose and coupling nuts made of plastic.

However, stainless steel tends to corrode when exposed to some household cleaning products, especially when the stainless steel wires used in manufacturing have not been specifically designed to withstand such conditions. After prolonged exposure, the steel braids corrode, crack, and eventually weaken to the point of failure. This process is called “stress corrosion cracking.” Water pressure then causes the interior tube to bulge and expand through the hole until it ruptures.  

The plastic coupling nuts used these days also react to chemicals which can cause the material to degrade, deform and weaken. Over-tightening of the plastic coupling during installation can increase the amount of stress and contribute to an early failure. Older components were meant for “hand tightening” and the additional pressure of a wrench can cause tiny cracks. 

Best Practices for All Materials 

And while newer flexible supply lines made with better materials and improved designs have emerged, the vast majority of those currently installed remain those made from  problematic plastic. Therefore, periodically check water-supply lines and:

  • Try shutting those valves (the ones near the toilet, for instance) to make sure they’re not frozen. Visually check for drips and dampness. 
  • Hard water is a very difficult on the fixtures; the solution may be a whole-house filtration system.
  • Shut off your water while you’re away; turn the water heater to ”vacation mode.” And when you return, turn the water back on slowly to avoid putting strain on the fittings.
  • Install leak detectors; wired and wireless sensors to detect leaks and then shut off the water supply.  

If you suspect any leaks, or if your home is 20 or more years old, have an inspection by Concept Restoration. 

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