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Water Damage Restoration: Maricopa County

Who To Call When There is Home Water Emergency?

If you have a spring storm, a faulty appliance or a broken water line– when your home has inches of water in it– you need help now! But should you call a handy friend, a plumber, an appliance repair guy, or the helpdesk at a huge home repair store? No, call a trusted water damage restoration team. If you don’t have one yet, here are a few tips to find a great solution for your water emergency. Start by asking your friends and neighbors for a recommendation of a helpful team

water damage restoration maricopa countyStart your search locally

Especially in the wake of a flood or storm related disaster, out-of-town contractors may go door-to-door offering restoration services. Some may be reliable, qualified professionals, but there is a risk in hiring such ‘storm chasers.’ Everyone seems to have a first or second-hand story of shoddy work, or worse, a scam!

In contrast, a local contractor will have established connections and a known reputation in your area. They often “high school band boosters” or sponsor a local little league. But the real benefit is that the locals will also have valuable knowledge specific to your municipality about any specific regulations and permits.

Define Your Situation

Hire the experts in your situation; treating mold is much different than restoring fire damage. When you search for a professional restoration team, research the companies that specialize in your property damage with all the required tools and expertise. In an emergency, you want the team that can handle every problem related to the water damage.  In fact, quality companies that specialize in a particular niche will refer you to another professional if they can’t adequately serve you.

Read up on Reviews

Reviews posted by real customers will give you a good perspective of business practices. Yelp, Merchant Circle, Angie’s List, and even Facebook are great places to research recommendations. Be wary of any company that doesn’t offer their license number or physical address. However, no matter where you look, focus on the best contractor for the job—not the one who offers the best deal on services.

*** A bit of advice– remember that an emergency can bring out a lot of emotion in a stressful situation. Take a single, four-letter filled, online rant as a response to a bad day.

Only Licensed and Insured

Anyone can buy a few dehumidifiers, drywall replacement tools and a sign for their truck. Professional companies in this industry have current licenses from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This certification emphasizes safety using the proper tools and detection equipment.

Any business that wishes to qualify for IICRC-Certified status, must take several additional steps to prove they are both trustworthy and reliable. Those include proof of insurance and proper documentation that shows the education and training requirements for certification have been met by all technicians. In addition, follow-ups and ongoing training must be documented.

Use Phone Interviews and Meet Prospects in  Person

From your list of recommendations, make a brief call to each as an initial interview. Cover the basics: availability, schedule, and experience with projects like yours. Ask if they are willing to provide a list of references or previous clients.

After calling the references, narrow down the list;  choose 2-3 contractors to meet at the house to provide an estimate and answer any specific questions. No quality company can give an accurate estimate over the phone. Plus these in-person consultations will help you assess the ability to communicate with each.

Expect Experience With The Insurance Processes

Most certified water damage restoration services have extensive experience with insurance companies, beyond just understanding the claims process. Choosing a restoration company that accelerates the claims process will make the entire restoration process much less stressful for you.

For Water Damage Restoration in Maricopa County

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